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The Ipswich Blind Society Helping blind and visually impaired people in Ipswich since 1868.

1 In 30 people in the UK have sight loss

1 In 12 people over 60 have sight loss

1 In 5 people over 75 have sight loss

1 In 2 people over 90 have sight loss

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Information about Blindness

The leading cause of blindness in adults is Macular Degeneration but other causes include glaucoma, cataracts and diabetic retinopathy. Sight loss can affect people of any age but we are increasingly likely to experience it as we become older. With an ageing population and an increase in some of the underlying causes of sight loss, such as obesity and diabetes, it is predicted that, by 2050, without action, the number of people with sight loss in the UK could double from today's figure of two million to four million.

Our Services

The  Ipswich Blind Society is managed by a Board of Trustees of which there are currently ten members and which meet every three months. The Board comprises a mix of visually impaired and sighted, retired and working members from across all walks of the local Community.


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The Ipswich Blind Society receives no funding from the Government or Statutory Authorities and it relies solely upon fundraising, donations and legacies as its main financial support.


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Whats on

On this page you will find out about the clubs and other activities which are organised by the Ipswich Blind Society. If you would like any  information about these activities or you would like to enquire about taking part, telephone the Ipswich Blind Society Office on 01473 219712.


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The Ipswich Blind Society was originally created as an Industrial and Provident Society, back in 1867.  In 2014 this form of organisation is somewhat outdated and causes problems when trying to raise funding in that we are not exatly a charity as it is known today.

To overcome these problems the IBS created a new modern charity called Ipswich Care for the Blind which uses the old title of Ipswich Blind Society as a trading name.  Using IBS as a trading name preserves the memory of over a hundred years of service to visually impaired people in Ipswich.


If you wish to make a donation or make a payment by cheque, then you will need to make the cheque
out to Ipswich Care for the Blind as this is the name used for the charities account.